Web Site! Bl**dy Thing!

yo im bin trying to get this to work. and i have no idea wats up with it.

i dont no if its cos i put a preloader at the start of each swf or not? i have done a few quick sites like this 1 but i dont no wats gone wrong its prob summit realy simple i cant see it.

please help ppl

heres the .fla thanks

thank u soooo much if u can help me on this


From what i see you added actions to load all swf files on opening
! All you have to do too get buttons to work is remove the actions
you added. click on a button and add code in actions like this.

on (release) {

If thats what your after!! Do the same on each button to get them too work, :slight_smile:

Regards Barrie

yeah but then when i click mi buttons im going to the url yeah and i dont want to do that. the website tut says my way shud work? so ne other ideas wats gone off?

How do you intend to get the buttons too work?

What website tuturial did you followed? I’m confused to what it is you tryin to do!!

Regards Barrie

Flash is case-sensitive.
In your main.fla you have the instancename “Contents” and you want to load in “contents”…


Oh gee I never even spotted the lower case,

Nice one scotty. :slight_smile:

Regards Barrie

hey lol nice 1. man how dumb am i lol must have been that cos its workin now but i have bin messin with it hehehe ne ways its all gud! thanks ppl i be back when i need help again