My game goes on

Ok another problem with my game. I want to make my game to be that with my spaceship when it hits a rock I want my movie to play a movieclip (explode is the name of it) and in that movie clip is my spaceship exploding does anyone know the actionscript for this???

the AS for an exploding ship?

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

no I want to know wha the actionscript how to make when my spaceship collides into a rock that I have going threw the screen how to make it when it collides to have it play movieclip do you understnad??? please help thanks

you need a movie clip intance hitTest…I’ll try to fix up a demo code for you!

dan are you gonna post it soon I have been waiting…? does anyonebody else no an answer please help me I need this. has a whole tutorial on building the asteroids game. (sounds like what you’re doing).