My god, Gaia Forum has taken me over

hey guys,
just wanted to let you know, if anyone has noticed XD, that I haven’t been posting much lately, due to my obsessiveness with Gaia Forums. I swear I cannot leave that holy place it’s mad. But I love KF, and you all rock!

Just wanted to let you know!

you can put away all those signs and quit worrying now

what’s the url to those forums?

I checked that place out for a bit and HOLY COW! everyones just “spamming”, people there just reply by quoting quotes of quotes of quotes of other peoples replies. Sheesh I don’t know how you can stand that … I guess spammers belong together. :huh:

JK I love you grinch :love:

I hope it’s not :lol:

holy crap thats an ugly website

its probably this one

flips you off sike! Lol yeah well too bad you don’t know that it’s not all about spamming. It’s actualy some reall really good intense conversations, unlike here, where it’s really slow XPXPXP. But yeah, it’s an awsome forum, I guess y’all wouldn’t understand if you werent otaku’s or big gamers… Lol w00t

And kay, thankies!

Who is Online - In total there are 11028 users online :: 8187 Registered, 464 Hidden and 2377 Guests

Gaia has articles posted, with 78603490 in storage
We have 931437 registered users
Most users ever online was 14734 on Sun Aug 29, 2004 7:44 pm

? who the hell do they advertise on. tv? food box’s what?

and omg some topics got 8936 replies!

wow that’s alot. They probably advertise via other forums :AHEM GRINCH:
I’ve never heard of them before this thread

I don’t like em’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I don’t know what it’s about… it looks like a cover up for a cult or something. Like one of those things where people take it way too seriously and if you talk bad about them they will sentence you to hell. :lol:

i love that plave and if it wasent for gaia i would not be here

wait no it was graphic forums that got me here eh

It was the flash… :slight_smile: I’m a flash vetaren… Bin here since Flash 3.0/4.0

its obviously a place for someone with absolutely nothing to do with their time. I have a hard enough time keeping up with kirupa so I wouldnt consider this forum slow. :crazy:

I can’t keep up :crying:

ps kirupa has a more pixle-art feel to it so… it’s better :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: me too!

Is that place like a game or something? Sort of like Neopets? I love Neopets. :love:

[size=1] I am not ashamed.[/size]

That forum is sick… I just spent 10 mins of my life reading about other peoples burps…

lol, its a sweet skin for phpbb though

Ive never seen that Forum Template before, it looks Completly Custom made

Now i whould like to know who has the time to spend endless hours just to make a forum = with the knowledge of a misquito on valum

Any forum I’m on is a forum thats roughly as active as Kirupa. The reason for this is its good to burn a good half hour a day here, but still get the personal contact posting on a forum like that wouldn’t give you. Here, people know each other, etc. Posting there, it would be hard to get to know everyone, at least I’d imagine so, with so many users online and posting/spamming.