My homesite

i’ve done some changes on my site and want to know how it works on others comps in net an what other people think about the site. Can you help me? just look at and write some critiues over here…

its not really my style, so i’ll pass judgement.

well, i’ll give you a couple of suggestions:

  • your fonts are very inconsistent. so i’d stick to a couple fonts.
  • your dividers in your menu are basically the symantec logo, so i’d change that

i think it just needs to be cleaned up a little. definitely start with the fonts.

Then why bother replying?

Anyway, yoursite

Nav font… ugly, and unprofessional

YingYang bullet? Doesn’t make sense

Pic fonts, are weak.

Even though it shows what the current page is at the bottom, use some kind of indicator on the Nav that shows what page you’re on.

Layout is basic but decent

Pictures look good

Basically change your fonts and this would be about 100x better. Also IMO that red is odd looking, but that’s personal preference.

and what about now?

like has been said before, i dont know about that red. i like how you have each picture pop up in a nice little pop-up window. though those can get annoying sometimes, i think it works here. you still have a large variety of fonts going on, though. i think you need to use maybe 2 or 3 fonts and stick with them. font use is one of the major things that makes a user comfortable with a site. using a lot of fonts, in my opinion, is not a good idea. the rollovers on your menu items is simple but this isn’t the type of style that needs anything spectacular. the ability to sort them by size, name, date, etc. is a nice touch. really the only complaint i have about the site is the big white space you have at your “splash” page. white space is good but it’s a little much in my opinion.

overall, i think you did really well.


Hi Rewko how’s it going.
Looks good so far, but I guess you have a script problem there, because I couldn’t go back in.
I like those photos though, the compositions are great, they were well taken! Nice one.

ok based on what I remember… if I can give you some feedback:

  1. Color.
    I know that you try to make the site looks bright, but yellow and red [is that maroon?] just don’t get along really well.

  2. Thumbnails
    Usually for thumbs, people use the same size, so for example 150x150 pxl for each of them. That means more work I know, but it will make you site looks more organized than before.

  3. Font
    Like it has been mentioned, probably it’s better if you stick with one / two fonts only. It’s not about some weird rules, but it helps to organize the site.

  4. Transparency
    I barely could see the bottom line “arrange by, current page, date etc” maybe you can play with the transparency a bit, make it more legible?

I think thats it Rewko

oh one more suggestion, for the menus on top, maybe you can use this sign " | " instead of white square, my first impression was I thought it was that type of font that web browser couldn’t read.

good luck,


Guys… how about some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback :slight_smile: you could use these words “not fit, not match” instead of “ugly” :slight_smile: it’s like a slap in the face… :slight_smile:


anyway, rewko, i’d consider working on the fonts more. try dynamic text, not static.

oops my bad :slight_smile:

Heh, sorry man I tell it how it is and I would expect the same from everyone else. I don’t sugar coat things and I tact definately isn’t in my Kirupa dictionary.

I have done changes on this site :

  1. Thumbnails are now the same size.

  2. The background color is gray (350z I don’t know what kind of red it was I dont thinnk i had a name…)

  3. I use only 2 fonts

  4. I have to do something about the splash screen. I need some help, I’d like to locate there a shorcut to macromedia flash player. I have seen on couple of sites something what looked like done originally by macromedia for this purpose. Does anybody know somethig about it?

How does it look and work now?

Yea the grey looks better IMO. still a little bland but better.

I’m still not feelin the bullets in your nav. And your font usage is better too, although I’m still squemish about the menu chicken scratch font.

You can get the button from look on the left right hand side… d/l the gif and then just copy that address link.

i think it looks a lot better. the best improvement was making all the thumbnails the same size. good job.

yet, i still think it’s sort of disorganized. i think that’s mostly because you have some text in every corner of the site. maybe try just highliting the section you’re in and the page you’re on rather than having 2 corners taken up by that text.

it’s looking better though.

those glory words sound good. But i still have what to do, dont I?

Is it better now. I tried to clean it up a little…

thx for link

some nice images :stuck_out_tongue: I would instead of ‘‘come in’’ make a ‘‘enter’’ button on splash…maybe a litlle advanced preloader in the between those 3 sections would be nice!


i’ll be think about that…

That “Download Flash Player” image you have on your first page looks AWFULLY familiar to me…

…that’s all I’m saying. Actually that’s not all. Bro, at least change the color of my image or something. Put some sort of effort into it if you’re going to lift it.

Sorry, I didnt realise that i am stealing it from u. I am just changing it for macromedia “Download Flash Player”.