My, my

I go away for a week and look, you all post loads. Typical. :-\

So what’s new? Two weeks to go until I leave my current job for the nodding dog company, and what do they do, but buy me Flash MX. So a fortnight to learn it, master it, and teach my replacement. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


I kind of know that situation… I except I was the guy doing the replacing :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t take any print media concepts when I went to school, and I got hired as a webmaster/graphic artist (web). Then our head guy here had to go to Montreal (I work for a french cultural center), and after 2 hours of explanation on what he does (which wasn’t even close to enough heh), I got pushed up into the temporary lead graphic artist position.

Funny how that works out sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good one,