My new lappy! *does a dance*

Hi everyone

I just thought id share it with you all: I got a new laptop when i was in Sydney last week!
LG LS50-5
Pentium M 1.6 (centrino)
256 RAM
40gb HD
15" xga screen
3x USB 2.0
64mb graphics
802.11b WiFi
XP Home

The best thing is, the guy at the shop did a very good deal.
For the laptop, the RRP was A$2999. He dropped it to A$2600 and threw in a Logitech wireless notebook mouse, a D-Link G+ wireless router, a Belkin carry-bag, 24x7 support, and 1hour on-site technical help/installation.

6 hours battery life, WiFi…
I’m just loving it :smiley:

nice stuff! personally i would of gotten a pc…but still cool purchase there!

Sounds great!
But, hopefully you can upgrade your video card. I cna’t upgrade mine and I can’t play very many games… at all. :sigh:

that’s too bad… fortunately, games are the least of my concerns.