My new logo

I finished my new logo last weekend… I drawed the frog silhouette and everything (didn’t take it from a dingbat font like the previous one :P), and since I’m not good in drawing stuff, it was kind of a pain in the *** for me.

I made a very simple splash for my page where you can see it:

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

cool , looks nice :wink:

Very good :thumb:

Which one, the blue one or the grey ? They’re both great, but I don’t see the point of two splash pages …

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Voetsjoeba : The first one, the grey one. That’s the new logo that will be used for version 2 of my site. Clicking it will bring you to the first version (with the blue logo).
Hm, you’re right… maybe it’s a bit confusing. :-\ I’ll change that tonight.

No, no, you made it very clear ! Great logo Mathieu :thumb: !

i like the frog!!!

nice logo m8 :thumb:

looks good.

VG - kajinku; works well


Thanks you all, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Now the rest of the website… :crazy:

it looks really clean and smooth. nice work:)

i like it a lot! looks really great! smooth and like, cool looking! i love that look!

The logo is simple and clean, but the text next too it needs more contrast.

Thanks, will do that =)

very nice logo kajinku, good work

That’s rockin’. Love the simplicity and the detail all working together :slight_smile:


nice logo

Thanks everyone. =)