Frog Eye: Kajinku Photo Album

I made this:

There aren’t many pictures online, it’s just like a big test now. But more will come eventually.

I decided to make the website in 2 colors only: gray and white. The design is very open and empty to bring the pictures in the “spotlight”.

Comments (good and bad) are welcome. :slight_smile:

I like it ! It fits the theme on my computer perfectly. Very stylish ! I applied for private access by the way :wink:

Very sweet on the minimals. It looks so sleek and smooth. The photos are nice!
I’m not shure how I feel about the position(maybe size) of the public/private entrance buttons. They just seem at a strange place.
Looks great! I don’t think I could pull that off half as nice, great job!

I agree with what has already been said wonderful site and the pictures are great to keep up the good work.

Thank you all for the kinds words. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know… I was thinking the exact same thing when making the links, but I really tried to keep everything very simple to have a clean look. So until I have a brilliant idea for a new position or size of the entrances, I’ll leave it like this. :wink:

Nice minimalistic site! Just a question though… did you get that frog logo from Bullfrog Interactive (defunct company that formed Lionhead after dissolving)?

very neat web page
looking good

Not at all… I had no idea Bullfrog Interactive existed in the first place.
I created this logo about a year ago, using a picture of a frog that I found on the Webshots website to get the silhouette right:

Why? Is it that similar? Besides, the frog you see in my logo (or the one in the above picture) is a green tree frog. A bullfrog looks much fatter and has completely different toes:

See? Here’s a tree frog again:

…which is my favourite type of frog.

So, again, no, I didn’t copy or “steal” any logo. :wink:

I wasn’t accusing you of stealing or anything! I was just wondering because it’s a pretty similar logo.

Yours is a completely different image, but the logo just looks similar. (silhouette of a frog pointing up).

Those guys rocked man. Theme Hospital/Park , Dungeon Keeper series, Syndicate series… sigh Peter Molyneux came from that company (maker of Black & White, Fable, B.C. etc)

Ah, good boy. :wink:

Yeah, I do remember those games though. Dungeon Keeper… memories.
And Fable… oh my.