My new site... How do I do this?

Okee dokee…

So I have my flash site designed and ready to go. Now I need an opening page. No problem. However… I want my static HTML page to have a pre-loader for the flash site. When the site is loaded, I want to either have the soite pop-up or have a button become available to launch it. (I’d also like opinions on that). In the meantime the HTML opening page will have useful info and such to keep folks occupied as they wait (which won’t be all that long). When the site does pop up I’d like ti to be in a new window with an unexpandable border, in the centre of the screen regardless of screen resolution.

I guess that’s a big question, but hopefully someone will have the time to answer it in detail.

Thanks in advance!


What have I done wrong? No one wilt help me? Doh!

Anyone? Please?


Hmm… I don’t know, I think it won’t be very easy… Why don’t you put all that information during the proloader, in the site itself, so that people read the thing while the site is preloading?

pom :q:

Just some actionscript on frame enter that pops up a centered window for the flash site? Then I can run that action on the end frame of the preloader… No?


Let me see if I get it correctly: you have a preloader, with all the info and all, and when everything’s loaded, you have an ENTER button that opens the pop-up, right?