My new website

here is a link to my new website, please give opinions !! :stuck_out_tongue:

for the moment it only contains a collection of photos i took in london

thank you !


I checked your site , nice work, also visit my site and let me know your comments. currently not completed.

i like what you’ve done. Just a suggestion, but you might try using the stopallsounds function so that if you roll over a couple images really quickly, it doesn’t get real loud. Otherwise, looks great.

i like your design (even though it’s too dark for my taste, but looks good), mostly the one with the frame and all that. anyway i hope you someday make the flash version :slight_smile: - i don’t have a high bandwidth connection but would like to check it as well!!

and the sound at the intro sounds very very familiar to me… where did you get it from? i’d bet i’ve heard it somewhere else. i like it.