My new site

want to see and hear what other designers think…(it’s not finished yet…just started it last night)…thanx in advance…

nice! “Affordable” and “design firm” are really hard to read on yellow, try changing the colors.

The silouette (sp?) of the guy on the floor is kind of weird. Not sure what it’s supposed to be exactly. I like the site, though. I always like seeing sites that don’t stick to the metallic gray w/ blue theme. Different colors make it stand out more.

Just to pick nits, the text that scrolls down after clicking on “The Magic” is a little blurry compared to the others.

i like it. i think the silhouette should be a clean edge, not feathered. good start.

Looks nice, smooth and interesting. Make sure that you use that brown space on the right because it looks a bit empty. I agree with that the silhouette should be a clean edge rather than feathered. I can’t wait to see it when it has content, keep us updated.

I like it! I think you could use a big offset color though. And the silhouette needs the sharpness, like everyone else suggested. Stick a deep sky blue in the header to give something a lot of accent. Great tweening though!

thanx everyone for the feedback… i will definately make that silhouette sharper… on the right will have information on there …with the color flow i didnt know how people would take it…because it was a lil wild…the colors flow but their so different (that’s the effect i was goin for didnt know how yall would take it ) but it seems good so far… :slight_smile:

i managed to keep the file size to 5k… @disco (it’s all AS)…no tweening at all …(i’m still learning ) :slight_smile:

I like the colors, earthtone-like, but yea a your guy could use a silo or something. Nicec job so far. :wink:

Sorry I closed it when I couldn’t find the music off button. I’d be happy to look again when it has one. It did look nice and slick though.

hmmm… well I say: Work on the music. Music on and off button would be great. And another track. In someway i don’t think the track fit in… but that’s just my point of view.

The design is great. nice colours. But maybe you should stick to like 3 colours.

I liked the music. I thought it was very complemetary to the style of the site. It’s nice, keep up the good work. Maybe you could add a couple extra tracks for people to pick their favourite style. Try not to deviate too far from the salsa style though.

EDIT: I also noticed that the guy’s finger slightly pokes into the post office button. You should bring the button layer forward (i.e. up) to make it on top of the silhouette.

that song is not that good. It makes the site feel like some new mexican taco restaurant or somthing. try to use slower music, maybe somthing on the piano.