My old and never finished site

Well I dont know why I bothered to bring back my old site to show you but its pretty old. I started it on the 8th of January this year and I never finished it because it was crap, seriously. Im not going to do anything with it anymore, I just wanted to show you guys how I started. I dont know when I am actually going to finish one, probably not until after I grasp key pointers in asdg and few other books before I get my hands on flash again. Its been 6 months since I opened flash again btw.

Theres no need for C&C but what the heck…

nice, but I recognize some components :P, and can’t wait until you open it again :slight_smile:

I don’t hing it’s horrible man. Same thing happened to me, I have been working on my site all this year. All together I have spent about a full 48 hours on it spread across a ridiculous amount of time. I recently got sick of the design and am staring over from scratch. I like that site, it has potential, but i made a site the same size and had a boatload of problems because i didn’t have enough room. Well good luck


lolz, thanks guys. Yeh I didnt actually have a preloader and I had to add of course, right before I added the url so it would display. I just used kirupa’s tutorial, added it. The scrollbar was from a spanish guy’s site. If you guys have bypassed it, it was the site where the guy made his site recreate a flash site, added all the components? Anyway the sites not very original and at that time, I wasnt really aware of copyright issues as well. But I hope I can create somehting really good in time but until then, im sitting down and reading.