My Ongoing Never Ending Disaster Project

Hey guys!

Long time no posting on this forum.

But, I’ve got another update to what is possibly might be the longest project I’ve been working on. Essentially, in one sentence I got **scammed **once again. The web developer goes by the name “onemotion” on this forum.

I started a blog CMS powered site for this client of mine around a year and a half ago. The project is pretty simple standard blog fare with the exception of a flickr powered image gallery. I hired this woman from England initially using the ODesk service. She finished about half of the project, taking around $400 (USD) before turning tail and just leaving without any trace. I was not able to communicate with her after that. Then, I hired this developer who was referenced from a good friend of mine from SitePoint forums. He turned out to be really good on another project I hired him on. However, he had several health issues including a recent stroke and had to retire from this specific project.

So then…I posted several wanted ads on this forum and others. I also tried to get references from my own online contacts. I found a few good potential developers, however one is based in Japan, one didn’t give me a very impressive demo of his CMS, but the other had a very impressive portfolio. And because I was in a rush to finish this project which has been way overdue by at least almost a year now…I did not bother to contact his references. So I paid this guy $268 as a downpayment. The entire thing would cost $800 according to him, all of that cost would be out of my own pocket as well (since this project is my responsibility and I failed the client in not being able to turn it in on time) That was the stupidest thing I have done yet, ever. I will never, ever repeat that mistake. Anyway, fast forward a few weeks. This guy originally gave me a date of last Friday or Monday to give me a demo of what should be the basically finished site. However, that never happened and he had to delay with really random excuses like his girlfriend has his phone so he couldn’t answer it… The weird thing is that while I can never seem to reach him normally when I’m around, he does get back to me at some point. However, now it’s Thursday and I have ZERO proof that he has done ANY work at all.

Here’s where it get’s hairy. I was also talking with a medium size company to do a redesign of their corporate site. I was looking at a maybe the biggest deal in my lifetime…and I had to turn it down today because I just don’t think I can handle something like that with NO DEVELOPER to depend on. Add in the stress that I’m receiving from dealing with this developer, and I’m about to go crazy. I’ve also got two other important project going on as we speak that are starting the development process besides the blog one. Now…I need to hire someone for those projects as well. This guy still hasn’t come back to me yet today after I’ve left numerous voice mails, texts, and even IMs for him. I also called one of his references just to see what I was dealing with, and after talking to one of his former employers I am convinced that…I just wasted my money and time with this developer. Basically, they told me that he finished the project but weeks late and with no constant communication. He made up stupid excuses and was never around to talk to just like how I’m dealing with him now.

So…I’m at the point where I’ve almost just given up on my business. There’s no way I can expand and take on larger projects and clients without the help of a developer. I don’t understand it either, I was even willing to pay much more just to get the experience of a professional developer as well.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do right now about this. I know I have to find another developer for the three projects that are of pressing concern…though now, I’ve got to figure out my prom arrangements first though. These last two weeks have just been rough…after I broke up with my ex, she went nuts and started to threaten and harass me as well. What a way to end my senior year.