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I’m relatively new to this forum, it seems like a great community. You, for the most part, are all very constructive with criticism. I’m not so much worried about a critique, but I did want to show some of my work. It always helps to know that the person critiquing your work can do it themselves. I’m way more of a 3D guy than web developer, so take a look and please do let me know what you think. I do always appreciate any constructive comments. See you around the threads centered on 3D questions.

Brian Mennenoh

Portfolio Site

link didn’t work for me on first click - for some reason the trailing slash got converted to %20 -

my only thing with the website is that it took a while to scroll down and see your work - i should be able to see some form of it right off the bat.

id try just experimenting and looking in the drawing and design forum for inspiration - that’s also where the 3d guys hang out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick post on the broken link. It’s all fixed now. The site is also kindof a resume, so I don’t know if it’s necessary to have work at the top. I think the history stuff is important as well, depending on who’s looking and why they’re there. If other people agree with you, I can see putting a teaser image or something into the bio information… maybe a screenshot or 2 from the game…

I want to post a link to my stuff so as I try to help out and answer questions, you all know I can do the work. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions you may have.

Thanks in advance,
Brian Mennenoh

Portfolio Site

i think it needs to just jump out at me more - perhaps the tans are washing out-

you definetly have some 3d skill though :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks. I do agree. Nothing really pops until you get to the work… but… should anything really pop out more than the art work. What do you think? The headers a brighter red, or something with the body copy… I am open to suggestions.


And thanks for the nice comment on my 3D skills. I’ve been working at it for over 10 years now.

im not feeling this man. first off if you want to use it as a resume you need to be a lot more formal in writing your background. secondly make the site PART of your art work, you got crazy 3d skills you should look to incorporate that into your site. i think you do need to break it up into sections even if it is somewhat of a resume it is still a website and resume format doesnt work on the web. you said you are not much of a web guy, and if you can’t make a valuable website(even though i pretty sure you can) maybe you should look into getting a web designer(im available :slight_smile: ) to do one for you, to really show your potential employers how serious and proffessional you are.

but i think you can easily make a four link (resume, fine art, 3D, contact) site that is a lot more effective than that one. keep us updated on it!

Thanks for the comments. I also agree… to a degree. Part of what I’ve learned in 10 years of work is that your resume/work should also be a reflection of your personality. I’m a very casual person, and if being formal is part of what gets me hired, I don’t want to work there. And, it’s not really about that anyway, I’m a full time college instructor and this is mostly to show a guy and his partner my 3D work and a bit of history. The upper text section did get a bit longer than I thought it would, but it’s a bit entertaining, so it makes up for the length. I also don’t mind the style of the page. No I’m not a web guy, I know Dreamweaver very well, Flash, not at all. Either way though, I do think that the basic style is a good/appropriate vehicle for what it is. I agree with showing off the skills you want to highlight and perform on the job. I think that this does that for me. Now, seeing it in maybe a different light, do you really think the site itself needs to be more elaborate. Seriously, I appreciate the feedback.

hey Brian, you have some nice work there, the beer bottles looks excellent. The layout of the site is nothing special though, a little more structure is needed. maybe a nav? so you dont have to scoll so much and you can have a section for each subject.

About me… work examples, contact… so on…

:: and yeah i remember the Amiga days… hehe… i had a Amiga 500 and a Commodore 64, great days.

ok, well if you really want to keep that format then ok, i’ll give ya seem feedback on it.

i dont think that font works all that well, im guessing its verdana? with that amount of text on the page a large font like that tends to make it look like more text than it really is. maybe something like arial or even just a smaller font size like 10. a serif font might not look bad (georgia)

also with the font it might look better as black, it will give the site something else then tan.

i would tighten up the ‘title cells’ where it says fine art, 3d… the title kind of gets lost in that big block of brown, lol.

thats all for now!

Thanks .soulty. I guess a basic nav system wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ve had some other comments that agreed with you. I had just wanted to keep it simple. But when simple isn’t better…

Cool, thanks. It’s not that some simple nav is completely out, I just wanted to avoid it.

This is good though, I did want to keep the body copy a serif font, it’s always better for readability. Georgia may work. I did try the text black, but with the Verdana, it was too much. With something smaller, it could work. Thanks.

But, the big block of brown is where the Tweedle Beetles Battle.<G> Sorry, I read Dr. Seuss to my almost 3 year old quite often. I’ll work on the block.

hi Brian,

Im a massive fan of life drawing, i study industrial design and find that life drawing feeds your brain all the right things! i really liked your drawings, the proportions looked great. I know what you mean when you said it just all hooked up! it just does sometimes, dont it?!

about ure site… i think you would benefit from a flash portfolio…something basic and clean, casual as you like… the beauty of flash is that it handles animation better than html so you can showcase some of your 3d skills. in all honesty your site looks too ‘studenty’ given your skill level.

have a look at this for a clean image based portfolio with much simpler scrolling than yours…

cya, Will


You got that pic from 3D Total didn’t you and then you did the coloring and it looks like you might have modified the head. Am I right? Good coloring btw. Site is kinda bland and doesn’t really pop out at me.

Sexy 3D work. I think that the font used for the descriptions may be a little to big, maybe knock it back down 1 - 2 pts.

Also one thing that will give this more of a pop (but not much) w/o taking away from the actual artwork. Is something like what I’ve done… again this is only IMO:

Also, you may not want to take away from your artwork but you also need to have a site that compliments what you’ve done.

The girl with the sword was modeled from an image found at 3D total. It’s not the same image, I really did do the modeling. The original has a full tutorial that goes along with it. While I did read through the tutorial, I managed to model this on my own, without literally following the tutorial. The author had some great tips on the right way to approach a modeling project. I guess I don’t know about how you work DJ-Studios, but personally, I’d never take credit for something I didn’t do. I did find the image online, and I did model from it… just like the site says.

I appreciate the other comments. I agree simplistik, the site should compliment the work. Thanks for phrasing it that way. I do like what you did as well, the red bars stand out nicely.

I tried going to your page billystar, but nothing seems to happen…

the colors dont work. they make me feel like im visiting some war veterans site or somthin. it needs to be more vibrant and lively.

Hmmm, I guess I think of camo as the jungle greens like I had to wear. There’s a new look for camo with the desert warfare, now people are seeing tans as desert camo… good to know. Thanks ruski_flasher.

yeah as .soulty said, a bit of structure wouldn’t go astray !!
but man lovely work man !!! just need a better way of getting it out there !!!