My script is wrong?

Hello i’m trying to figure this out.
I have a text scroller but the script tutorial is for flash 4. I’m new with flash so the script thing is not easy to figure out.
This is the script


onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
var ypos = getProperty(_root.scroller.txtinfo, _y);
var txtht = getProperty(_root.scroller.txtinfo, _height);
var scrl = _root.scroller:txtboxy-txtht+100;
var totaldiff = _root.scroller:txtboxy-scrl;
// calculate value for the proportional movment of the sphere on the scrollbar
var promove = getProperty(_root.scroller.scrpath.pathsph, _height)*speed/totaldiff;
var ysph = _root.scroller.scrpath.sphere._y;
// Change the value of ‘speed’ to change the speed of scrolling.
var speed = 2;
// trace(ypos);
// trace (txtht);
// trace(scrl);
if (_root.move == 1 && ypos>=scrl) {
ypos = ypos-speed;
ysph = ysph+promove;
setProperty (_root.scroller.txtinfo, _y, ypos);
setProperty (_root.scroller.scrpath.sphere, _y, ysph);
if (_root.move == 2 && ypos<=_root.scroller:txtboxy) {
ypos = ypos+speed;
ysph = ysph-promove;
setProperty (_root:scroller.txtinfo, _y, ypos);
setProperty (_root:scroller.scrpath.sphere, _y, ysph);

  1. This is for action

stop ();

var txtboxy = getProperty(_root.scroller.txtinfo, _y);

var sphypos = getProperty(_root.scroller.scrpath.sphere, _y);

This is for my up and down button

up button

on (rollOver) {
_root:move = 2 ;
on (rollOut) {
_root:move = 0 ;

down button

on (rollOver) {
_root:move = 1;
on (rollOut) {
_root:move = 0;

I’m new with flash and I’m not clear on how to work with action script.
I didn’t know that scripts used for flash 4. cant be use for flash 2004MX that tough so everytime they come out with another version you have to learn new scripts. What should I do to fix this ?