My site gets chopped up on laptops. Why?

Hello, me again with the same issue.

Just to recap.
After publishing my files, my site appears Ok on large monitors like 23 inch. Everything just work fine. The main window is 1024/728 pixels.
But, the top of the site gets chopped up on laptops. about 10 cm from the top. No way to redraw the window. There are scrolling bar on the right hand side but they do not allow you scroll up or down enough… As all the navigation buttons are at the top so, you are stuck on the first page with nowhere to go.

I have added a line of code
stage.align = StageAlign.TOP; but it does not help.
I have also tried reducing the percentage in the publishing window by 50% just to see.
It makes no difference on laptops.

Hope someone can help before I have to redo the site