Site not fully showing on Laptops


Can someone help with this one?
(Flash CS4 Action Script 3. Mac Pro)

After publishing my fla file and uploading it, everything seems s Ok on large monitors like 23 inch. It works with Explorer firefox and Safari but, looking at the site on a laptop, the top of the site is chopped up. There is no way to redraw the window
The issue seems to be only on laptops from 12 inch to 17 inch.

It looks like the site is too big for the screen so, the top area is not viewable. As my buttons are at the top, you cannot navigate through the site There are no scrolling bar on the right hand side so you cannot scroll up or down. I am including some screen shots

I tried a few things in the Publish settings and things like the percentage and
stage.align = StageAlign.TOP in action script
but no luck.

This is driving me nuts…
Any ideas??

Many thanks