My site is ruining my weekend

hello everyone this is my first posting here so be kind
okay. my new site
[color=#000020][/color] is looking okay i think, except on one page which loads 2 seperate external .swfs very very slowly …

so i need to include a preloader i know, the trouble (and has been for all this long weekend) is that i cant for the life of me figure out where to place the preloader…

i have i a stripped down .fla here as an attachment to try to illuminate you, so you might glean something from it all
Take a look at the .fla attached.
If you click on ENTER THE GALLERY we go to where the .swfs load, plus a little “close” button.
I want to fill this space with a preloader, then when the swfs are loaded have them play.

My problem is this : where to position the preloader ?
As it is now, click ENTER GALLERY and the .swfs start loading. i think i need to have, upon the ENTER GALLERY being clicked, the preloader kick in. No ?

do i place the preloader before the code that calls the .swfs or after ?

if you need any explanations dont hesitate to ask i will be checking back here regularly.

the sooner i get this done the sooner i can say goodbye to this site and get on with other things !! (3 months and counting…) like helping others on forums like these …

thanks so much to you all in advance.


(oh, i can supply the same .fla in MX flavor if anyone would like.) thankyou.