My SQL Database - What is it and how do I use it?

And what for? I would appreciatte an in depth answer from anyone who has this knowledge. Thanks-


a MySQL Database is a database for storing information in things called ‘Tables’ you can write to it, and retrieve info from it using PHP, CGI, and ASP (I think).

I know how to use it with PHP only though…

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Databases are used to store huge amount of information. To use them, you have to deal with objects that have similar properties. For instance, books in a library. You can give them different attributes, such as ‘title’, ‘author’, ‘numpages’, ‘releasedate’, ‘type’ and so on.

Once everything is registered, you can make queries on any attribute. For instance, if the user is looking for books that have more than 500 pages, you’ll have a query that looks like :

 SELECT * from MY_TABLE WHERE numpages>500 ;

This will give you all the books you wanted.

You can also make cross-tables queries, for instance if you want all the people who have read a book from Salman Rushdie. Whatever. And to be able to make those queries and display them afterwards, you need a language such as PHP or ASP.

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They’re also very practical to search your data.

I just finished packing my two mySql to Flash PHP scripts into a zip. When my site comes up tomarrow I’ll be able to mail these out… finaly. I’ll be sure you get them Phil.

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Still waiting… I just finished a pretty good loadMovieNum(); example. Can’t upload anything yet… ARRRGGGGGG!!!

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