My static splash page

Yeah well while I am working on my animated splash- I made a static splash page :stuck_out_tongue:

What do ya think? :stuck_out_tongue: :}

Looks good!


You seem to change splash quite often :stuck_out_tongue:
Lookin’ good

how many times have you changed man?
looks awesome btw;)
but the colors are a bit girly on the black bg

i like it. will this just be a portfolio/personal site?

Pretty sweet! But is there a line in the middle of the logo changing the tone of the colors? It’s kind of distracting to me. Otherwise, everything (font, drips, angle of the word, even colors) there is pretty nice looking.

LOL well i get boored waiting for the back end to be coded up :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah its kinda gonna be a portfolio/resource for animation :stuck_out_tongue:
I have fasterthanlight’s hot design skills added to it - I can’t wait for it to be up hehe.

The line that you see along the middle of the text is a gloss heheh

Yea Dark Does Change his Splash often I don’t blame him

cool, but i think the “nearly there” font is a bit distracting

I don’t like the colors and the nearly there doesn’t fit… at all.

I liked the old animated one more than this one…not really sure how to advise to improve it, I’d stick with the animated one if it was me.

lol well I am working on the animated one while this is up- i could have left a gross white page with some text on it… hehe

My intro now has 3d animation in it and shizzle :stuck_out_tongue: but it would look kinda lame if I put up half an intro… which is what the old one was haha

Looks good to me :thumb:

hope to see your site up soon… waiting…

your splash page reminded me that I have to make one too before I am done with my website animations and backend…

i have to agree with this one. im having troubles with the **nearly there **part. just looks out of place.

musicwithcolors i love your sig its got a zelda wind-waker cartoon style feel…u got a site? i wanna see more of your stuff :smiley:

I love it, i haven’t seen your previous one but this is good,
The nearly there isn’t that bad, i don’t think it should be distorted like the title, good work!

[ot]:smiley: thanks. yeah i got a site Slow Graffiti. but the portfolio lacks anything besides websites at the moment. when i have time im gonna update it.[/ot]
sorry darkmotion! back to the topic ---->

hmm… i don’t quite like it actually… first of all, it looks to glassy to me yet it is dripping… and it glow… which does not fit with the overall glassy and dripping effect… and the nearly there part is definately out of place. maybe you need to decide either glass, plastic feel or water liquid feel…

remove the ‘nearly there’ and it’s nice! But stop changing splash an get a site up already :smiley: