My Stupid Space Killer Game

[color=black][font=Arial]Space Killer is my 2nd real game much better than my first one. In this one the objective is to destroy all the enemies without getting hit. I have been working on it over the last week just off and on probably 4 hours total. My main objective was to figure out how to move the space ship like it plays in the game. After that I wasn’t really motivated to clean it up more than it is. So figured someone would enjoy it or could use it as an example.

There isn’t a preloader so if it takes some time to load just let it run. Once you die you have to hit refresh to restart it. Like I said it’s not cleaned up. When it gets done loading click the movie and very gently tap the arrow keys to move the ship. Hit the space bar to fire and shoot the little guys floating around.

I made the background and the little guys floating around the ship I just found on Google images.


Source Files + Movie