mySQL, PHP and other stuff....HELP!

:-\ right then, quite simple…or more the case “not so simple”

I’m just getting reallllly confused about how Flash, php and mySQL all work together… and how to install and set them up and, do i need get a server to install them all onto and all the “stuff”


  1. i understand that with flash, the only thing really is the Send using get/http or getVariable / setVariable … and i do this by getting them (theoretically) from a database…

  2. so PHP is the “language” for actually accessing the mySQL database (correct?) (and ASP can / would take the place of PHP…but PHP is free and ASP is not ?)

AND…this is where i get confused, about which version do i need to get, and do i need to make a server or, download the server software

  1. MY SQL - looked at the site, got pretty freaked out by the whole "which version of mySQL, and this version, that server, this bit, that bob blah blah blah…)

My question, in simple, is: can someone clarify my confusion (and i’m sure its not my confusion alone… )

and tell me EXACTLY what to install, if I was to use FLASH MX, a version of PHP, and a version of mySQL - (which I’ll source from somewhere or buy…if necessary) all based on me using Windows XP…

…alternatively direct me to a tutorial that deals with all this…so i can go through it from start to finish… and actually get something working…

I understand that my question may seem a little “vague”, but that’s because i’m so confused… I’d really appreciate all your help (and have done so, in the past…as it goes, this is a forum thats prety **** good, knowledgable and frindly - above all…)



that’s a whole lot of questions. Here’s the short version.

In order to get data from a database into flash, you should use PHP.

MySQL is a good choice for databases, primarily because it is free, but also because it is very powerful.

If you’re running WinXP professional, you have everything you need.

If you’re running WinXP Home, things just got more complicated for you.

Go the MySQL site and download the latest stable code. That is all you need there.

Go to PHP and download the Windows binary installer. That is simply the whole install package of the latest stable version.

Once you have all that, the first thing is to install MySQL, then install PHP

once you have all that done, come back and post again, and we’ll see how far we can take you.

Hey…There is a good site to check out in regards to all of this…also a book is available.

Very good site!:slight_smile:

Much easier:
go to , and get the whole thing packed up for you into one easy install: PHP, mySql and phpMyAdmin, and Apache.
Did that just yesterday on WinXp pro, works fine.
Don’t worry if the site is in French, download still spells download, so that’s all you really need, setup is one click and you’re done.

Then of cousre you’ll want to find out a bit more about how the whole thing works and how they all play together…If you want links to other ressources, post back.

Data are in the database (as the name suggests…), PHP is the interface between Flash and the database to retrieve and write data; Flash goes “hey php, i need the name in column 1 row 2 of table users” , php gets that from the db, sends it back to Flash, and Flash displays it.

Why you wanna get into that, if it’s for simple stuff, you might as well just use Flash, PHP and text files…?!

(Sidenote: Kirupa, how about a new forum: “dynamic flash” , or “integrating flash with php/asp/databases…whatever”?)

Hello ! I have already downloaded the my SQL and the PHP things that Iammontoya suggested, haven’t actually had a chance to install it and have a look around… I will have a look at the resources you guys said, and will go through some of the tutorials…

thanks again for your help… its much appreciated, and good to know that people are willing to help out.

I’ll keep you posted with any more “seemingly silly” but very real questions, I have.