PHP + MySQL and oher question

I have two questions:
First: I want to create a sort of webshop and I want to create a MySQL database in which people can sign up/log in.
How can I create this in FlashMX + PHP + MySQL.
I want people to log in, sign up and the database should register what people bought the last time(s) they visited.

Now for my second question:
For this shop I have a section on the homepage with news.
This sections needs to display the news and have a link to the archives.
Each newsitem is an images that contains the news.
How can I make Flash loads in the news dynamicaly and let Flash detect if there is an archive (archive = more than 3 newsitems in folder) and if there is one, display it?

Thanks in advance…

I don’t want to sound rude, but integrating PHP/MySQL with flash is a little more complicated than just A, B, and C. There have been a bunch of threads about this, there are some good tutorials out there as well. You might be better off getting your fingers dirty a little, and when you hit a wall come here and post with a specific question and don’t forget to attach your code.

good luck

also check out this book, its a good start. and only costs about 15 dollars used or on ebay.

there’s a start. I personally started learning php about 3 weeks ago, and i put together a flash guestbook. [see below] From my expericence i learned a lot by jumping into projects, looking at other people’s code, and using it to write my own code. But i come from a strong coding background, and learning the basics of php was a cinche, but mySQL sucks. lol. Another suggestion i’m gonna make is to download APACHE, and mySQL and put them on your computer/network. It’s a big help to have them at hand for testing. JMO.