Mysql/php - combobox

I would like to load external asp file into a combo box.

um… nah… too easy a joke.

Whadup with that?

Try a loadvars object. The PHP script should return two strings

Par Ex:

us a split to create an array from both variables.

Then populate the combo box with xx.additem in a loop…

Ready set go…

Why do you put “php” in the title and then ask about asp?
Don’t know any asp, sorry?

lievre, ca va? Tu viens d’ou?

At the time I knew nothing of asp,php,ms sql or my sql, and used a bit of confusing terminology. I realized what I had done the same day I posted the message, but I do not know how to edit the title of a thread.:x

There is no point in discussing whether we re talking php asp or even perl. The basics to get the content into a flash combo box is the same for each one of them