Mysql : which db files to upload to the server?


\ I cannot understand how a database SERVER works ;

I have created a form to be processed by php , and a mysql database with a table to store the strings typed and submited by the form ;
It has been tested succesfully on my localhost and now I want to test it on the server ;
The hosting account support suggested me to install the front end “Mysql front 3.2” to deal with database ;
What I don´t understand is how it works , and besides that , what files are the database itselft ?

I created a database named test_692005 , which is on a folder C:\wamp\mysql\data est_692005 where there are 3 files :

  • db.opt
  • table_001.frm
  • table_002.frm ;

in the folder C:\wamp\mysql\data there is a file (ib_logfile0) which I
opened with notepad and found stored the strings typed in the form ;

How do you usually upload your databases to the server ???
Thank you very much ;[/FONT]