PhpMyAdmin MySQL question

Hi, I am just starting to learn about databases and I just went through the Flash, PHP, and MySQL Integration tutorial ( and I am on the last step to upload all of my files to my server. I know I will have to upload my swf, php, and AS files to the server but how do I go about finding/exporting my database and any other files I need to upload to my server? I use PhpMyAdmin and I see there is an export option but there are about 11 different file types and I am not sure which one is the correct file type. If someone could please help me I would really appreciate it.


[ot]Not answering your question just clearing something up for you:

I know I will have to upload my swf, php, and AS files to the server

You wouldn’t put your “.as” files on your server they are compiled into your swf when you make it.[/ot]

Thanks for the tip. I did not know that, I was just assuming the SWF linked to the AS file. Do you by chance know what I need to but my database on my server?

Thanks for the help,

Quickly browsing through that tutorial I don’t think you need to worry about it since the php file creates the database for you.

When I just upload the SWF and PHP files and upload them to my server. I get this when I go to the page: _level0.sites_txt

Does anyone know what I am missing?

Here is a link to the swf file:


Well, I went ahead and just dl the authors files and tried posting those to see if it worked. I do not have the _level0.sites_txt message anymore but I am still not getting any of the info from my db.

I also tested the sites.php file on my localhost and it receives everything from the db but when I test the sites.php file on my server errors (Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket).

Do I need to upload my phpmyadmin folder from my local host to my server?

Thanks again for the help