Mysterious behaviour (don't know how to title this)

Hi Folks,
First off, a big thank you to Kirupa, you’re a great site and I’ve learned a lot from you.

So, I have what I thought was a relatively simple presentation (at least in its scripting) I’m working with others on it, so we’ve taken the approach of building each “scene” as a separate movie clip and then adding them onto the main timeline in single keyframes. The MC plays and then at the end of each one, when we’re ready to move onto the next “scene” I’ve pasted


where i is the next relevant frame. Apart from one instance where I’ve used MovieClip(parent), that’s pretty much been the approach for the whole thing and it all worked fine until I tried to put a second instance of xlogo_mc in the last frame.

It should have stopped at the stop(); action but it glitches halfway through the MC and then loops back to the beginning and skips the timing of the next couple of frames.

I’m really baffled. Can’t see any reason why it’s doing this.
Would very much appreciate anyone haing a look at the .fla file (attached - actually, it’s too large to attach but you can download it if you like :geek: and offering opinions.

Many many thanks,
Look forward to hearing from someone soonish.