Mystery Pic thing


i was kinda really bored. So i took this pic n showed it to me friend, but she couldn’t figure out wtf it was.
See if u can figure out wat it is, n the person who figures it out first… … gets a brand spankin new post from me:pleased: .

lol, you know it’s strange how often this happens… attach the file or link please.

And welcome to the forums. :thumb:

he didnt even post the image. want a funny person.

edit: i guess some one took the pic. cuzz its not there :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it a polar bear in a snow storm? :h:

I guess, or he/she forgot to put the alpha back up to 100%.


i put the pic on
its pretty crappy…
but thats ok:hurt: …

Hmmm, well it’s obviously a…

light bulb?

make w/ the guessing:beam:


Lightning Bug?

i’m gonna have to say a street lamp thinger

[edit by lostinbeta]inappropriate response[/edit]

wizard you goof. Lost edited his post and you preserved it in your quote.
Nevermind, you were Bahhhleeeted.

Um, is it a light that you’re not focused on and the background it real dark?

lol, ooops, well it’s okay now. I was having some problems with KF and didn’t realize it had been edited, well I guess that was the cause of the problem.

:cowboy: edit?

sorry guys:blush: i didint know i wasant allowed 2 say that and i wont say it again:P

come on! tell us what it is!!:bad:

The moon

that thing you see in the corner of your eye when you push on your eyeball?

oh wait you cant photograph that, darn.

If you have a photographic memory you can :stuck_out_tongue: