Name and Shame - Freelancer robbed me


Would like to name and shame someone. I bought an application code from facebook forums where someone posted in his thread the working example of the application. So I replied giving the guy me email. We got talking and I decided to buy the application for $50. I did it through paypal thinking the resolution centre is my safety.

After receiving it, installing it, basically ruined my database with 30,000 users, harmed my advertising code and made peoples browsers crash. I got a fair amount of abuse from email and tried to be polite with the **** since he might screenshot it all. I screenshot everything - screendumps of the errors, test accounts, users emails to me of complaints everything accept his thread advertising the application, which, surprisingly has been deleted and no sign of him at all.

Paypal case opened today:
First messages by me
Then by him saying he never said that the application will deliver settings pages or would like to users database accounts
Then again by me with screenies
Then by him saying that I was the author of the thread and that I deleted the thread - wtf?
His language and his grammar was ****ing **** (ignore my irate typing, normally a leecher on here but come on ffs?!)

Ok to the point. Paypal just closed the case the moment I selected “Allow paypal to resolve” - Sod the 30 days waiting for them to review it - they closed it saying no refund to be given:

You have chosen to escalate your dispute to a PayPal claim. By ending
communication with the seller, you are asking PayPal to investigate the
case and decide the outcome. As part of our investigation, PayPal reviewed
any communication you may have had in the Resolution Centre.

Our investigation into the following transaction is complete. As stated in
our User Agreement, the claims process only applies to the delivery of
goods. It does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of
goods received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or
issue a refund.***.***

Im thinking about getting DDD to make me a site : justiceofmy$

One of his emails:

Haha, you wish. You are an absolute waste of life. Scum of the earth.

Im ****ed. Well least to say. Paypal have a UK helpline which will receive a few words mind from me tomorrow. Never ever again will I ever use PayPal. EVER.