We all seem to have nicks around for Kirupa;) and jassi too if I am not wrong:)) Well, I’d like to know ur real names if u dont mind saying it…
I am Jayalal
Has this already been posted if yes, plz ignore:) lol
PS:I am posting this one coz, the sticky has way too many posts to be searching for each one of ur real names. I meant the one started by Kirupa:) “Tell us about yourself”

Matt Beston

Hey matt:) Glad one replied lol…was wondering this one would go off without ne replies lol;) like my ol’ posts

Patrick Calabrese :p:

you can find most in

Sticky: Tell us About Yourself: (name, aspirations, interests, etc.) ( 1 2 3 4 … Last page )

Sen thats wat I meant when I edited the post Plz see wat I wrote in it:)lol


I’m Phil Jayhan…oops I mean i’m Julian. :stuck_out_tongue:

PJ :stuck_out_tongue: oops -Data :sketchy:

mine is my name… sort of… (read it backwards)

ok u ready for this?

Jasninder Jeet Singh Matharu

**** that name looks royal :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh jassi ,
here is something thta might interest u, u wanted me to find u some this one is pretty good:)

One of 982349827398472 Josh Jenkins’ right up in hurr.

guys he’s talking to me…wonder why he calls me jassi hahaha

thanks for the link jay :wink: nice site but the bad news is that i was gona do something like that myself :frowning: as u can see my logo and colors are similar to that site.

interesting preloader u got there, been waiting for it to load since morning :stuck_out_tongue:

Tyler Durden

lol sintax :wink:

Christian Eilsøe =)

Jeffery Edick

kevin james :wink:

my middle name is James…

*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**lol sintax :wink:

Christian Eilsøe =) **

ok ok its Thomas Anderson

Jeroen Remi Karel Johan De Ridder.

Some people also call me Jeroen De Ridder :stuck_out_tongue: