What's your sn mean?

What’s everybody’s sn mean? I’ve always wandered about like half of them, maybe I’ll learn some of them…

I’ll start by saying mine came to me when I was on the net, I saw sites, and then, in a dream, I heard it, or close enough

but my other name, nokrev, I wrote a program to random generate a number between 1 - 26 and I ran it 6 times, it came up with nukrev, and I changed it to nokrev

All my friends call me Digital. I got Digitalosophy because to my knowledge :lol: “osophy” is the love of something.

Thus Digitalosophy - The love of Digital which I’m sure you can figure out the rest from there :slight_smile:

Jeeze Dave, you never told me that! Humph!

total biscuit is a character mentioned in some terry pratchett book (which I can recommend warmly by the way) . I just chose it for the goofyness factor. on other forums my sn is Santa Claws, after the Insane Clown Posse song.

Mine is…uh… it’s my real name :beam:

ooh, this thread is a success, beautiful

Mine is amlost the like the XXX you see in adult entertainment, but not quite!

hm…that gives me an idea of registering “suosophy”, meaning love of oneself.


oh! I always thought it was your age when you registered… and it’d be cool if you changed it every year to have your current age

Nope, I’m only 24, so that wouldn’t work.

wait, no you’re not. :bad:

What now?

BerkoWitz it´s the last name a member of Marilyn Manson uses, and it´s also the last name of a murderer, but the fist time I saw it was in a Manson cd, and after that I couldn´t get it out of my head, I thought it sounded cool, that´s all.

you’re like 12 or something.

that’d be me

Oh, ok. If that’s what you want to think.

:lol: Get em Josh :lol:

poor reflection studio = prstudio

and yeah 28 is like 8 or something…attends some kind of web forum magnet school…

Mine comes from my email username, which comes from a song by a band I used to be in. It was called “Lunatics and Color T.V.s” and it was about people who watch too much tv, especially on sunny days when you should be outside.

The avatar comes from Zoolander which is in my top 10 movie list and sort of goes with the Lunatic theme.


SHHHHH!!! Don’t tell them!!