Naveed Lalani Portfolio Mock-Up!


Yay first post! I finished this mock-up a little while ago. I am currently in the process of learning flash, so this will be a fully functional layout when I have gained good knowledge of flash.

Here are some related links:

- splash
- preloader
- about me section
- news section
- resource section
- contact section

Btw: for the final revision I have made the small text (portfolio of naveed lalani) on the top left more visible.

Suggestions and comments are more then welcome. You can also email me with questions at naveed @ (no spaces of course).


Looks very good ! :thumb: The only thing I would change is the font perhaps. Other than that, excellent :slight_smile:

I agree, it does look very good though I’m not sure that the splash page goes with the rest of the site.

I agree about the font…maybe something a little different. Looks good though!

Very awesome! No problems here.
Where’d you get those awesome textures?

Thank you for the comments! :slight_smile:

Text: I am thinking about changing it, any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated.

Textures: It is a combination of textures I have downloaded, and textures that I have made myself…there is not really one texture that does this.

Splash: I may or may not change the splash. The reason the splash was made with a different theme was because I am going to carry over that theme to different parts of the site (three parts will be forums, full resources page, and portfolio - all will have different themes).


design looks good :slight_smile:

but a little too dark for me though. and using black type in this situation would just be useless, like you have under your sitetitle/name.

you know that using heavy amount of images within flash will increase the size of the swf’s. Is this directed to broadband?

of course :slight_smile:

**** looks good!

Why I suck in PS god! WHY!!! :run:

Lookin good man. Keep it up.

sweet work nubs :slight_smile: look forward to seein it flashed

thanks guys :slight_smile:

sup jay!