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A quick question for anyone who has patience with this newbie. I’m using Flash MX. I’m trying to load a movie contact.swf from a button. Now I am able to get it to load and stop at a certain frame. What I want to do is be able to hit the same button again and have the contact.swf movie continue it’s play which is a fade out. Can this be done? And what might the code look like? Sorry if this question has been asked before. Thank you.

What is the current action script on the button?

I have been trying everything. Can I post here a possible second variation? Can I control the contact button (when clicked) to load a .swf file into level 2 replacing the current movie? Then, click it again and have nothing happen?

yup… I understand the question, I’m just wondering what the action script is that it currently on that button. The one that loads the other movie. Please tell me that and then I’ll let you in on a trip method where by you can have it do something else on a second click. I need the code so that I have a full understanding of what methods you are using to load your second swf.

You could for instance take a movie clip with a circle drawn in it, and then put that code to it :

 on (press) {
   loadMovieNum ("whatever.swf",2) ;
   this.enabled = false ;

This will desactivate the button (which is in fact a movie clip).

Is that of any help ?

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OK. Here is the script for the contact button:

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“contact.swf”, 2);

I just need the contact button to be disabled after the movie plays. This way if the user clicks on some other button such as"home" the current movie will be replaced which hopefully resets the contact button. Make sense?

Thanks again.

You’d better put that unloadMovie thing somewhere else, I guess (the home button). I’m not sure how it works though.

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