Navigation working, sub nav implimintation not problems

I have a navigation that is working great. It passes a numerical variable that determines the type based on a frame in a movie clip and section that it loads by similar means for another movie clip. And that part of it works fine.

My problem is taking it to the next step. I need one of the navigational links to have a drop down menu. I thought adding it into the rollover state would be the right solution, but it is not working the way I had hoped. I will be linking the sub navigation to added frames within the same movie clip that the sections are in for the main and working navigation by declaring the variable number there.

Things to help get you where you need to be in the .fla file navProblems2.fla.

Menu layer has the nav MC in it called Symbol 29. Within that there is butt 2 copy. and two others. On layer “item 2” is butt2 copy2. That is the MC that I have attempted to put in the sub navigation. Which is only one link so far but will have about 9 more. I know that I need create a special case if statement within the rollover or on click but I’m unsure as some of my experiments have had not so great results.

Any advice with this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Build file: