I have a navigation system with four links and four MCs. When a button is hit, the associated MC will move across the screen then stop. It will stay there until another button is hit. If another botton is hit, the mc moves back to where it came from, then the MC associated with the newly hit button moves into place.
> How can I do this using actionscript instead of animating along timelines? The key thing is having one MC move back into place before the next MC start moving into place.
can someone help me with an fla for more experement

Define variables for the _x and _y values of the movie clips using the onClipEvent(load) handler:
onClipEvent(load) {
Move the clips (within predetermined limits) using the onClipEvent(enterFrame) handler:
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (xMoveable==true) {
while (_x>=predetermined value) {
if (yMoveable==true) {
while (_y>=predetermined value) {

When you want to move the clips back reference the storeX and storeY values