NBA Live 2005: All-Star Weekend

This is probably the best news i have heard from EASports for years. The features mentioned in the article have my mouth watering :drool:

I am sure any ballers out there (gamers or not) will be hyped about this as much as I am. :beam:

check the link:

video updates::: few vids showing some of the beta play of nba live 2005, one of the vids show off the new all star aspect, check them out.

Yah, I read about this the other day…

I think it looks like it could be a lot of fun that’s for sure. I am peronally an ESPN sports kind of guy but I might just get this one for the weekend alone if it’s that good.

I am still waiting until ESPN brings out thier feature list before I just back on the NBA Live bandwagon :slight_smile:

You are righ though, it’s awesome, and it’s about time!

been a fan of nba live for ages now, since the start, but had a choice between nba live 2004 or espn 2k4 for the ps2 (with the thought of getting live 2004 on pc) i decided to get espn 2k4 for ps2.

I must say espn 2k4 is pretty good, that 24/7 feature had me going for a while there until i realised i was playing more ball on the console than in real life, lol. I love some things about the game, graphics, iso moves and feature set, but really dislike many things now since i have been playing it for a while… the reply are terrible, you get called for charge too many times, iso is not as smooth as it can be (but i still like it) the dunks get repetative, shooting animation looks weird and a few more little annoying things.

i cant wait to get back into nba live, so this has got me toes tappin (so to speak…).

soulty, I am sorry you had to experience your first ESPN basketball game with 2K4.

Many see it as a step back in the franchise. I personally did like it more than NBA Live 2004 but it wasn’t the best the series has been. The new iso controls were awesome but the amount of charges are terrible. Another big problem was the camera. They took out the ability to manover the camera anyway you wanted to - this was a huge cause for concern. Personally, I played Inside Drive from Microsoft last year as my videogame basketball of choice. I found the pro hop to be very easy to use and way to powerful in Live, as well as the slowdown and framerate studder when the camera would switch around. I really wanted to like it as it had my favorite player on the cover in Vince Carter but… I just couldn’t love it.

I do agree though that the new All-Star weekend will rock and might just be reason enough to buy the game :slight_smile: And if ESPN continues with it’s $20 price point (as with football this year) it will be easy to pick up both!

The dunk contest in NBA live 2005 is going to be “off the hook”. That alone is making me buy it. I missed the old school dunk contest from Jordan vs Bird. I always thought someone should have brought that back a long long time ago.

ESPN College BAsketball had it for their 2K4 game, it was pretty fun too :slight_smile:

Too many button pushes though - I too miss the Jordan Vs Bird series from the NES :love:

You know what? I have never played a ESPN game title yet. All those other terrible basketball games kinda ruined it for me. I am scared to try any sports games not made by EA sports.

It seems the old school hoop games were so much more fun than the ones now. Like Blazers vs Bulls and Lakers vs Celtics now those were some hoop games.

bulls vs blazers is one of my favorite games EVER!

If you at all like college hoops, give ESPN a try - there is nothing like it out there. The graphics and atmoshphere are far superior than anything EA has done for the college game. They also fixed the little bugs in NBA2k4 that they got dogged for, ie the camera, the iso controlled charges.

It’s even cheap now, if you get a chance and want to get hooked on an amazing bball game - try it out.