^^ my colours

^^ colours my dad picked

can i get some CnC please :smiley: hope you like them.

Wonderful job looks great I myself prefer the first colors i am more of a blue person lol. I honestly dont see anything wrong with it even the little details are covered.

a nebula its supposed to look like the colors on the first pic, but I prefer the second, looks more dangerours :bad: but man both are beautiful! :love:

I like the both. Could you find a way to mix some of the colors?

I too like them both. Though, I am a “blue” person, I like the second one better. Good job by the way.

the first lot of colours are more spacey style which i like :slight_smile: and the 2nd lot of colours are more explosion style, my dad said i should make it bright and eye catching more dynamic.

well thanks for the CnC ppl maybe when i get more time i will do a big one with a nice nebula like this and some bigger planets and ****. lol

hmmmmm…I like 'em both but I think I like the second one just a tad more. Nice work!