Need a challenge? I need help!

Folks, I’m desperate!

I’ve been working on this little application for a few days now. I’ve even posted a few threads here to help me, but I just can’t seem to tweak one feature. Please grab the FLA file from the URL below and help me out.

If you look at Scene 3, you’ll find a series of tweened image movements (layers: Group1, Group 2, and Group 3) and a pair of buttons (layer: Content) that plays or reverse plays the scene, causing the imaged to scroll up and down.

Unfortunately, the button controls don’t stop on the first and last frame. So, the movie keeps playing uncontrolably into the previous or next scene. Please help me find a way to tweak this play/reverseplay Action Script that causes play to stop when the scene reaches the first or last frame.

Thank you.

Check out the FLA at