Need a designer for a artist site

Hey this is what I want.

  1. Drop down menus

2)A video streaming in the background with the pages on top(external swf’s but a load all function)

  1. And maybe After effects flv button’s on the dropdown menu. Like on I can get a motion graphics expert to make the buttons(flv’s).

4)And what would be pretty cool is to have a intro(streaming) with que points so what the stream will be right on time. Like some sort of motion graphics thing as a intro and then replace the flv or streaming hd video and at the end replace the HD video with real components. But the hd video has to be streamed.

  1. A mp3 player with a change of background maybe even a change of the theme of the page.

  2. A mp3 store and a wave download store with a visa.

  3. Check this out


Send me a mail with links to what you have done previously. Thank you for mails.

[email protected]