Need a name + tagline suggestion for my final thesis

I’m like 85% done with my final thesis (a working prototype) and I do have a name & for it.
It’s called Fusion.

A bit about my project:
Im creating an app where you can connect things together (things = computers and consumer electronics) using the proper cables and stuff. So yea it’s about making connection (or networking?). I need a better name than Fusion, because it sounds very vague (the more I hear it).

And maybe a simple tagline. A tagline that I have now sounds something like: Smart Entertainment.

Any idea?

thanks alot :slight_smile:

edit: I spoke to my advisor about some names and he gave me an example of an app called Samba. I think the app does some networking stuff, so they call it samba (it takes two people to samba or somehting like that… connecting people)