Need Advance Help!

How do I control the text like “photo gallery” (tutorial on MX), let’s say there’s three text file (text01, text02, text03) & 3 buttons (but1=loading the first text file, but2=next text, but3=previous text).

Would u be so kind telling me how to do this??? or making a tutorial about this so others can see??

In textfile 1:
in the beginning of text file 1 add
text1 =
text file 2 add
text2 =
and in text file 3 add
text3 =
so it would be… text# =bla bla bla
now in the beginning of your movie add thise actions
(these could be ona aframe or whatever…)


Now make a textbox and make the variable name textbox

Now actions for button1:

on(release) {
_root.textbox = **text1**;

Well if your textbox is not on the main timeline you have to naivagte to it “_root.<nav here>.textbox”
now for button 2 add the same action but change text1 to text2 and button 3 text3
remember that you added these variables in the beginning of the text files…
—add-on knowledge–
you can add var=num in the loadVariables action as well like this:
it is good to have that there because if you update the textfile from time to time then people will see the updated information as well… otherwize people wont see the updated infromation after all…
note: if you put that there you are not able to test the movie on your computer, it will cause an error.
for more information about loadMovie/Variables please read

Syko :slight_smile: