Need AI editor to turn photos into graphics

Hi all. Now there are many AI photo editors, but all of them allow you to work with only portraits of people.

Does anyone know AI editors that allow you to stylize car photos so that they look like vector images after processing? I want to make a poster as a gift for a friend.


You can use Midjourney or Stable Diffusion for this. You have to be detailed in the prompt you provide, but this is something these two tools can easily do.


If your trying to convert an image you already have to look like vector art then image style transfer could be good for that. Unfortunately I dont know of any good apps that can do it in a reasonable time so I just use And unfortunately again your a little limited on what you can do there until you get more points which can take a while. If you create an account there and want to get full points give me your account url, make some pics and Ill like them all. You can only do low res at first but you can upsample them using AI (lots of apps for that).

If you go the stable diffusion route then look at img2img and depth maps to get it to look like an original pic, youll still have to experiment a lot with prompts to get it right tho, but if you have a half decent graphics card you can do it offline (I only have a 1060 and its still bearable). The latest Automaric1111 build can do them… GitHub - AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI

This might also be exactly what you are looking for:


I hadnt seen that one, thats awesome.
All these AI things are so cool to me, cant wait to see what comes next.
“What a time to be alive!”

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A friend pinged me that link at around the time I posted it. I had never heard of it either. I wonder what tomorrow will bring! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are not suitable. They create new images according to the textual description. This is not what I need. I need photo stylization.

“a little limited on what you can do there until you get more points …”

  • It’s too time consuming for me. Is there an analogue, even a paid one, but which will have maximum opportunities from the start?

“image you already have to look like vector art”

  • No. Quite the contrary - I need to get a realistic vector look from a photo. In any raster format - for example JPEG.

Have you tried from earlier? It seems like it supports you uploading your own image, providing a text-based description of what to change (ie: give it a vector look), and seeing the edited image.

Here is me trying this out on their sample image:

Would you be willing to share your source image and a few links to the style you want it to be in? One problem here is Im not totally sure what style you want. There are vector images that look like photos, some are more of a colour reduction look and then theres the more polygon look. If you can give me those things it would help to find the best solution for you as theres many different ways to get those looks and AI might not be even needed (I like doing graphic stuff and know a few techniques). Id be happy to spend some time on Sunday (maybe before, but that day for sure) trying a few things if you can supply those images. Oh and what resolution you want it to be.

I know your gone and dont care ;p but for completeness I just wanted to point out that the abilities of are now baked into Automatics GUI for stable diffusion. Really got to update my install and try some of the new stuff, just gotta hope my 6gig vram is enough.

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Hahahaha. I accidentally hit back and missed getting a screenshot but I asked this thing to put his hands on his head

… The horror that followed, oh god the horror of this mythical creature it created

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I took your avatar and asked the bot to make it look like a real person. The resemblance is uncanny:


Very good

I think you are talking about AI tools like Autotracer or Vectorizer which converts jpg, png images into vector graphics.