Need Comments

new photo :s:, taken same day as previous one. ttc dufferin subway station.

the picture needed to be [color=red]color[/color]. and no manipulations in PS.

please crtisize on the content of the photo, not the resolution. :angel:

er…Whats the question?

I wasn’t aware that there was an ongoing photo battle, could you provide a link to the thread?

Looks nice, maybe needs little more depth or perspective…

er silly me . missed the question below the image… yeah looks ok, dunno about the BG , or context of the setting but , nice light index on the bottle reflections

sorry, i just added the question. :slight_smile:

the pic has to be color, and no maniping in PS.

The picture isn’t doing anything for me. Boring lighting, Weird angle, uneasy cropping, lack of depth. Work on it a bit more.
Also congratulations on creating the title with the most useless characters in it!

congrats on 3001 posts! :slight_smile:

its natural lighting, (sun)
i was going for a wierd angle, make it more trendwhore
i agree with cropping, it is a little wierd.
i dont know what you mean by lack of depth.

LoL… hmm… yea quite boring IMO too.

Lack of depth means everything is in the same focal point. The lighting is definately lacking, regaurdless of if it’s natural lighting or not. Quality of the image seems really low, not as crisp as what it should prolly be. This won’t win you the battle.

Depth of Field: the distance between the nearest and furthest objects in focus as seen by a camera lens, which varies with the focal length of the lens, its f-stop setting, and wavelength of light.

Therefore the angle of the photo you took does not convey any depth. It’s simply a oddly askew image of part of a Jone’s Soda bottle with some random color smears in the background. Perhaps there are some good trendy elements to it, yet it lacks the refined composition of image that is usually saught in photography.

its not crisp, becuase i lowered the quality to lower the size. [im using an MSN profile to host this]

who changed the name of this thread?

was it DJ?:scream: :m: :vamp: