New picture

its kinda crappy but any ways here it is

nice! I like it! And the text in the lower-right corner goes right with the pic! I like it!

hmm…considering that it was done by you Alex, it’s good. hahaha =) Keep up youngin!! =)

nice to see you learning! better than b4, stick with it son.

i dont know if i really like it(-:

here is a new one that i been working on.

hmm…the text does not fit that one (Alex’s Designs)…=)

needs more color, work with the type more, come on Alex, you can do better than this!! =)

im goign to add some blue in it and maby some white

adding white to a black and white image isn’t adding more color…lol.

Now blue is more color, just don’t make it too bright.

how about this one?

One word:


you said add color:P

tooo mannnny fiiiiillllllteeeeeerrrrrrsssssss… ahhhhhhhhhhh

there goes my bandwith.:beam:

i think you had the best one first… it looks nice, and it’s not too obvious how you did it

the second one is a bit weird, as the twirly bit in the middle is too ‘different’, because the corners are cool, but it’s too mushed up in the middle

as for the third one… lens flare (almost) never looks any good on a pic, unless it’s subtle, and even then it’s not always cool

maybe you should try adding some subtle colour to the first one, to help add depth. Often just using tonality (different shades of one colour) looks nice rather than using a full spectrum

keep working on it :cowboy:


thanks for the info…

im just playing around with photo shop just to get used to all the effects(as you can tell on the last picture.)=)

cool there working again!:stuck_out_tongue:

Alex…you suck, heheh j/k Just hang in there youngin, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. =) There was a time when all of us here on this forum sucked in photoshop too. =)

LOL, stop trying to comfort him :stuck_out_tongue:


We all know I suck :slight_smile: