Need Help ASAP! Tree Menu Conflict w/ Newer Flash Player Versions (Have Deadline!)

OK, so I’m pretty familiar with flash, but do a lot of projects that don’t require much coding, lots of basic stuff.
I got this project, an accordion menu/tree menu, that just has 2 expanding parts. Very simple looking, but needs to look exactly like the image I was given.

Not knowing much code, I luckily found an old sample of a real simple tree menu, since I didn’t need any expensive components or plugins, nor did I want to deal with external XML files (can’t code an XML worth a damn anyhow). But this old sample had everything in the fla, and did just what I needed it to. I attached it here,

I took that exact same setup from the sample, and exact same code to make my current menu.

At first, it did work fine, but the text looked really rough (I had to use images), but it definitely looked off. Looks fine in the fla, but when viewing the swf, the images are crap, some rollover states don’t even line up.
Then upon further inspection, I noticed that the profile of the original sample that I also built off of was an old Flash MX file. Profile said it was flash player 6, and actionscript 1.0. I’m guessing maybe player 6 just had crap antialiasing?
Using flash CS3 (but saving these as flash 8), I was able to change the profile on the sample menu to flash 9 (& even actionscript 2.0) and it still works and looks fine, even after saving with the new profile.

However, with my new menu that uses all that same code, when I use anything higher than flash player 6, my text look perfect again, but I lose all functionality!
This doesn’t make sense! And the guy needs this menu like yesterday! The way the text/images look in flash player 6 mode in unacceptable.

If someone could please look into this, I could really use the help. I attached the original sample ( and my new file using the old menu’s code ( Mind you that I am using flash cs3 and cs4 (same results on both). I put this post in this section because the code and original file are flash 8 or older stuff, plus in cs3, I did save these as flash 8 files.

I both modified the original sample fla itself to the new menu to see if that might fix the problem, but it didn’t. Nor did starting it over from scratch, despite again using the same old code.
My new menu just isn’t expanding, other than when profile is player 6 where it looks awful.

You can see for yourself, if you change the current menu profile from player 6 to anything newer, the text looks great, but it will likely lose functionality like it does for me. Do the same with the old sample menu, you can even use the player 10 profile in cs4 and it still works.

If any of you can see why this issue is happening, you would be a godsend! I’m such a noob with anything more than very basic code, I know. If you guys don’t have an answer for me, perhaps if anybody even knows where a simple AS2 sample of a menu like this would be (that doesn’t use XML and can be all done within the fla itself, without components), maybe I could make use of that as well, start over. But I really just need this menu to work like it does when in player 6 profile, but also look great like it does when using a newer player.
I must find a way!

Thanks in advance!