Urgent help with this source code

hi all,

Found this neat flash menu but have one major problem.

Every link on the menu shows the image “menu1”, how can i show diffrent images on each mouse over? ( menu 1, menu 2, etc ?)

i have uploaded the fla and swf to my site, www.jonwee.com/flash ( elastic.fla and elastic .swf)

Hard to use, isn’t it? I remember finding this on Ultrashock a while ago as well, and never being able to use it…

pom :asian:

even with the FLA , its still hard to figure out…


I’ll try taking a look at it in the morning… but don’t expect much. Pom is easily my equal if not superior in Flash. If he couldn’t do it… I don’t hold too much help for myself. :)… but I’ll take a look.

Cheers, David :slight_smile:

And I’ve taken another look at the fla. It’s a nightmare. Uncommented code all around, 3D positioning functions and so on and so on… Too difficult for me.

pom :asian:

aaaaarrrrrrgggg… I hate it when people don’t use comments. If you’re not going to comment your work, and it’s complex at all… don’t bother to offer it as open source.

Yeah… I’m not going to be able to do anything with that either… sorry sir.

well, thanks for trying guys.

i really like the whole elastic menu…but hard to even understand it let alone tweak it.

im looking to build my first flash menu, err…you guys know of any cool flash menus? ( that is easily edited)

I’m no Flash expert, but I suggest going into each instance and changing the name. I agree that the menu bar is extremely cool.