Need help! Construction and planning

I am working on making my first AS3 flash site. And im having trouble getting it all togheter.

It is a “portfolio” site for a musician friend of mine. It has a music player, a video player and a photo gallery. (for now atleast)

I can get every part of the website working seperatly. But when i try to stick it together it doesnt work or is extreemly laggy. I know this is probably because i havent put it togheter the right way.

So my question is. What is the best way to set up a site.

The site as it is now

as you can see its not really seamless and has a lot of errors. My problem is that i might be thinking the same whay i did when i was making AS2 sites. And that might not be way to go.

Any tips or hints? Would really apretiate any help i could get. :slight_smile: