Need help deselecting a RadioButton component

I can’t seem to figure out how to set the selected state of a RadioButton component to false. As mentioned in the comments here it has been done by design to ignore the call for false on the RadioButton component! I have tried changing the name of the group for the elements and even doing a removeChild and then addChild again to try and get them to reset to unselected. I had originally wanted to reuse the same elements on stage for each question but the way it looks now I will have to create a set of RadioButtons for each question in my quiz which feels awfully wasteful.

Any ideas how I can go about deselecting RadioButton components?

//does not work
answer1.selected = false;
removeChild(answer1); //successfully removed
addChild(answer1); //returns to the stage with the selected state of true

See a direct snippet from the file that says you can’t set it to false. :!:

 * @private (setter)
 * @langversion 3.0
 * @playerversion Flash
override public function set selected(value:Boolean):void {
    // can only set to true in RadioButton:
    if (value == false || selected) { return; }
    if (_group != null) { _group.selection = this; }
    else { super.selected = value; }