Need Help Importing SWF....PLEASE

Hi —

I am importing an SWF Text Animation made with Swish into Flash MX. When it gets imported, it gets arbitrarily placed in the scene. When I attempt to move it I can not seem to be able to move the entire animation. I have only be able to move one frame – not the entire animation. I have attempted to group the object by but that doesn’t seem to work either.


Also, I have attempted to convert it to a MovieClip, but then when I place the MC in the scene, only the registration point is visible and I can’t accurately place it where I need to. Is there I way to change the location of the registration point?

This whole situation is driving me nuts. Can someone please help?

Thanks for any and all respones.



Tutorial !!
To move everything, did you try to click directly on the layer and then move it with the arrows ?

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