Need Help Loading 2 external swfs!

I was trying to get this code going, but ran into problems. I am a beginner with flash, so please excuse my lack of understanding.

Here is what I want to do:
I have my main movie load. When that is loaded, I have 2 buttons, lets say “button1” and “button2”.
When “button1” is clicked a new movie (headlines.swf) is loaded replacing the main on _level0. I want the “headlines.swf” to load (with preloader) and then play to the last frame. When the last frame has been reached, I want to load another swf on top of headlines.swf, but only when it has played to its last frame.

I want to do the same with “button2”
It will load headlines.swf, as well, but when it reaches its last frame, I want it to load another swf, (not the same as with button1).

If anybody can help me. I’m starting to pull my hair.
Not sure what is the best approach to do that.

Here is the code for my button: (“news1” being another scene)
on (release) {
gotoAndPlay(“news1”, 1);

Here is the code on “news1” scene on frame 50:

createEmptyMovieClip(“empty”, 1);
loadMovie(“headlines.swf”, “empty”);
empty._x = 0;
empty._y = 0;

headlines_currentframe = _level1.headlines._currentframe;
if (currentframe == _totalframes) {
//“story1” is a label on headlines that will load the other swf.

thanks, in advance for the help.